Halloween Fancy Dress Disco

DiscoThe Halloween Fancy Dress Disco will take place in the School Hall on                                                                              Thursday 23rd October 6.30 – 8.00p.m.

Children can dress up as witches, ghosts, fairies or anything else!!!

Entrance Fee is €2 per child or €5 per family.

Children should be left to the door and collected from there after the disco, if  a parent is not staying with the child. Children must stay inside and only children from St Aengus’ may attend.

School Savings Scheme


From 1st class upwards, children can save each week in the school Savings Scheme. Children can bring in €1 or more, with which savings stamps are bought in the Post Office. These are placed on a card which, when full, is sent home.

This card may then be brought to the Post Office by you and your child and placed in a Post Office Account book which you keep for your child.

Click on the images to learn more about An Post.

saving savings

Childline Breakfast Morning

childlineWe are hosting a fundraising breakfast for Childline on Friday Morning. This Charity provides help to children who need someone to talk to and is a valuable support to them.

bowOn Friday each child can bring in a plastic bowl to school.

He/She will be given a packet of Cheerios breakfast cereal. If this is not suitable for any child they may bring in their own cereal. Milk and a spoon will be supplied. Children can donate 50cents and upwards for the breakfast.



The Studio 8 photographer will be in the school on Thursday the 9th of October.                     Please send in the envelope and money by this date. Thank you

Any children in the swimming group wishing to have their photograph taken, please wear your normal school uniform for the photographs.


‘Starting School’ course

A ‘ Starting School’ course will take place over 2 evenings for the parents of Junior Infants. The first of the two evenings is on today, Monday the 29th September at 7.30pm.

The second will take place next Tuesday 7th October  at 7.30pm.

During these evenings you will get a chance to ask any questions you may have regarding the school day and share any concerns you may have. It also give an opportunity to meet other parents over a cup of tea.